Columbia Basin Bioscience Earns GMP Certification

Columbia Basin Bioscience Earns GMP Certification

The organization believes having a GMP certification is important in the unregulated hemp and CBD industries.


HERMISTON, Oregon, March 22, 2021 - PRESS RELEASE - Columbia Basin Bioscience, a CBD extraction company based in Oregon, today announced their facilities have achieved Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification.

GMP certification is a key indicator that a company adheres to stringent protocols to ensure a safe, consistent and quality product. In unregulated industries like hemp and CBD, GMP certification is critical.

“GMP certification isn’t easy or even required in the hemp industry, but it’s something we believe in. We are very proud of our company’s processes and dedication to quality,” said Alan Cleaver, CEO of Columbia Basin Bioscience.   

Columbia Basin Bioscience continues to thrive in in the Pacific Northwest. With over 1,000 acres of USDA organic farmland, 168,000 square feet of production space, and a staff of 50, the company is currently extracting, producing and selling thousands of kilograms of CBD isolate per month. Columbia Basin currently stores up to 11 million pounds of pelletized biomass, all of which was grown on their farm and is organized by land plot, planting date and harvest date.

“High-quality biomass is hard to find, despite the large number of hemp acreage grown the last two years. We believe the industry is lacking consistent, quality, processable material,” said Mr. Cleaver. “With this much high-quality biomass ready for processing, we can quickly deliver for customers, regardless of their size or deadline."

Hemp is unique because of its versatility. Columbia Basin Biosciences is in a prime position to explore the possibility of truly commercializing the entire plant.

“We have only begun to scratch the surface of what this incredible plant can provide for mankind,” said Sean Groer, Co-Founder, Columbia Basin Bioscience. “Beyond CBD, we see potential in other cannabinoids such as CBG, biofuels, textiles and construction materials. We even believe hemp can be a useful tool in climate change mitigation strategies."

Columbia Basin was certified as compliant to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) In Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling or Holding Operations For Dietary Supplements standards by AIB International.