Learn About Delta-8 and the Legal Cannabis Business in Our Next Webinar

Learn About Delta-8 and the Legal Cannabis Business in Our Next Webinar

In this webinar, we will explore the scientific and legal questions surrounding delta-8 THC.

July 13, 2021

As more and more states crack down on the production and sale of delta-8 THC products, more and more questions arise. For one, where does a cannabinoid like delta-8 THC fit within the broader hemp and state-licensed cannabis markets? 

While the legal context is becoming more clear with legislative action around the U.S., it's still very important to understand the context around this cannabinoid. It won't be the last of its kind to surface on the commercial market.

In our July 27 webinar, we're going to address the research, the legal questions and the business opportunities behind delta-8.

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In this event, we will explore delta-8 THC from a scientific angle and a legal angle. As part of this panel discussion, we will get into a broader examination of other minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, THCA) and how they might figure into short- and long-term business plans, as well as the responsibility on the part of a licensed cannabis business to communicate effectively with customers on these complicated topics.

Joining us will be Greg Gerdeman, founder and CSO of NASHCX, and Justin Walsh, partner at Gleam Law.

You'll learn where delta-8 fits into the cannabis market right now (and, maybe, in the future) and you'll learn how to plan for adaptive business decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Delta-8 is just one part of a longer story: the legalization of cannabis.