Tennessee Hemp Grower, Processor Offers Temporary Storage Solution

JJGenPro will operate a warehouse for area hemp growers to store their crop until local market demand returns.

November 27, 2019


Braving the winter just got a bit easier for some Tennessee hemp farmers.

Many farmers have opted to grow hemp, but some have reported theft of the dry flower or even whole trees from the field. That, coupled with a volume of crop larger than local processors can handle, has created unexpected problems for participants in the 2019 pilot program.

Now farmers can store their unsold hemp in a climate-controlled warehouse where it will be under surveillance. And while hemp farmers could be eligible for crop insurance as early as 2020, warehouse storage allows them to take out insurance should something happen to the hemp.

The storage facility in Springfield, Tenn., is operated by JJGenPro, a family-owned company that grows and processes hemp for cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Kathy Gunn, chief business officer for JJGenPro, says the warehouse can help farmers weather the market until prices bounce back in 2020.

“Hopefully, it will help our farmers in Robertson County have a place to put their hemp until spring time,” Gunn told News Channel 5 Nashville.