States Roll Out Smokable Hemp Penalties, Application Deadline for PPP Loan Looms: Week In Review
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States Roll Out Smokable Hemp Penalties, Application Deadline for PPP Loan Looms: Week In Review

The governors of Louisiana and Iowa recently signed hemp laws that outline, among other regulations, penalties for producing and possessing smokable hemp.

June 27, 2020

This week, David Metzler, the CEO of venture capital firm CBDCapitalGroup, offered tips to Hemp Grower for CBD and hemp companies that want to apply for a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program before the June 30 deadline. Meanwhile, Louisiana and Iowa both recently amended their state hemp laws to, among other things, outline penalties to smokable hemp production and possession.

Here are this week’s headlines you might have missed.

  • National: Rosemary Mazanet, Columbia Care’s chief scientific officer, spoke to Hemp Grower about why the company is joining forces with six others to participate in a study on how CBD affects the liver and why the research is so vital. Read more
    Meanwhile, in a letter, four organizations have asked Congress not to “place undue political pressure” on the FDA in regulating CBD in dietary supplements and food. Read more

  • California: With the deadline to apply for funding under the Paycheck Protection Program approaching June 30, CBDCapitalGroup CEO David Metzler offers quick tips for hemp and CBD companies still seeking loans. Read more

  • Florida: ACS Laboratory has acquired Botanica Testing, joining two of the leading cannabis testing labs in the U.S. Read more

  • Iowa: The state, along with Louisiana, has implemented laws that outline the penalties for smokable hemp. Iowa also expanded opportunities for selling CBD products with its new law. Read more

  • Oregon: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, HempSMART, a subsidiary of the Marijuana Company of America, is looking to global sales and working with affiliate marketers in countries around the world. Read more

  • Tennessee: Entoura, a vertically integrated hemp oil producer, has announced it is acquiring Atalo Holdings’ assets after the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in March. Read more